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Providing Comfort, Compassion and Peace of Mind

Life has carried me through many adventures and the latest has lead me to form the Hawaii Pet Ministry.  By blending many of these experiences together I hope this new service may help bring a little comfort and peace of mind to those facing challenges related to their pets.  We form wonderful wholesome bonds with our pets that are personal and unique.  As with all close relationships there are times that circumstances present challenges that could benefit from a little advice or simply sharing one's feelings with a compassionate listener.

Hawaii Pet Ministry provides personal, confidential services including counseling, support group sessions and ceremonies that I offer based on years of experience as a minister, counselor, breeder and avid pet owner.  Currently as owner of the Cozy Cat Lodge my life is truly 24/7 pet oriented and I often work with clients that are experiencing challenges related to their pet companions.  This experience of sharing has been well received and has become a very important and fulfilling part of my life.  And so I am now offering these services to the community.

Please review my 2 page Brochure which provides more details and the Hawaii Bereavement Support Group flyer. 


Jan Schmidt  DD, MsD, LMT      


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